New Craft 當代製作者的工藝新觀


然而,與此同時有越來越多創作者試圖回歸到材質本身,並以從未想像過的方式賦予它們新的樣貌,雖然你可能會感到有些不解但卻也無法對他們說:你不能這樣做。他們的出現彷彿一股足以平衡的新勢力,再一次定義了工藝的新面貌,我們稱之為 New Craft(新工藝)。

為了能夠具體談論 New Craft 的發展,我們向來自荷蘭的藝術新興平台 Post Mordern Collection 邀集了八位藝術家的作品進行展出。每一件作品都是令人耳目一新的靈感激發:金屬鏽蝕、3D列印、CNC加工、磁化橡膠、陶與輕質黏土...等等;把速度放慢到足以感受的地步,便能體會到藝術家們在創作當下陷入未知或與困境搏擊的樂趣。不管是材料還是技法,或是兩者的交互作用過程,每件作品都是奠基在現有工藝知識或製程之上的獨立思考,無法被數據化的實驗步驟成就了每一件作品的獨特與故事性。這些不尋常、難以捉摸的新視野讓我們已被社會化的思想逐漸樂觀起來。
New Craft Exhibition – The perspectives of Contemporary makers

Retracing human history, all kinds of inventions and creations have made today’s life convenient and complete. Various craft technologies are widely used in life for benefit-oriented purposes. Certain material best fits in certain production is just like an undoubted principle deeply inserted in our minds. This kind of “the best proper way” thinking leads us to plain mindset and continuous duplication, which emphasizes pricing-efficiency and functionality and keeps us away from discovering the essence of materials, meanwhile neglecting the infinity of possibilities.

Nevertheless, we found that more and more creators try to return to the substance of materials with innovative ways in new forms beyond our imagination. Though you may be a little confused but you can’t tell them “You can’t do this”. Their appearance is like a new force to balance the old, and they define the new form of craftsmanship, so as we called “New Craft”.

In order to be able to discuss specifically about the development of New Craft, we presented 8 artists’ works which are invited by an emerging platform called “Post Modern Collection” in the Netherlands. Each and every work is a refreshing inspiration of adopting rust metal, 3D printing, CNC process, magnetic rubber, pottery and light clay...etc. By slowing down enough to feel, you can realize how the artists fall into the unknown and fight with the dilemma in the process of creation.

Whether it's material or technique, or the interaction between the two, each piece is an independent reflection based on and beyond existing knowledge and operating processes.The experimental steps that cannot be digitized make each work unique and original. Those unusual and elusive new perspectives make our socialized thinking gradually more optimistic.

This exhibition is a collaboration with Post Modern Collection, concept proposed by Pon Ding.
CL/ 朋 丁 pon ding
CD/ Chen Chungyang
Planner & Handmade Type/ Hsieh Yitse

Designer/ Chen Chungyang
Year/ 2019

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