Starbucks x ÄiÄi Ilum Lab-Coffee Grounds Charity Candles
“If Earth is Our Mother” 

Within the candles’ flickering lights, you will discover the precious gifts contained in the coffee grounds. Candlelight, Calligraphy, and the Mother Earth:  Beginning to repair relationships from ‘the heart’. “If the Earth is Our Mother” is the light / ritual / multimedia / interactive work exhibited by ÄiÄi Illum Lab in the 2017 Nuit Blanche Taipei overnight public art exhibition.  

The inspiration for “If Earth is Our Mother” came from the traditional Hawaiian therapy of ‘Ho’oponopono’. Comprised of four phrases of cleansing and healing (‘I love you’, ‘I am sorry’, ‘please forgive me’, and ‘thank you’), it is intended to build a connection between modern humans and the Earth. While using candlelight and calligraphy pen to write out the ‘four phrases’ of Ho’oponopono in a ceremony where participants gather for a congenial party, Mother Earth begins to repair relationships from the ‘heart’.​​​​​​​
CL/ ÄiÄi Illum Lab, Starbucks
AD+D/ Hio-Cheng, Choi
Photography/ Junyou Liu
Year/ 2018

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